The Indispensable Project

Photographers Allison Minto and Michelle Kemei proposed a photo collaboration with Wilbur Cross High School in New Haven, CT. Six black female-identified, non-binary and gender non-conforming high school students were provided with disposable cameras to document their life.  Our goal was to bring awareness about the lack of Black female representation in the photography industry and allow them to control their own narratives.   

With guidance, support and mentorship, the students resulting images led to a photobook and a final exhibition at the Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, CT.

New Haven Independent Article 


Supported by the 2018-2019 Yale Women Faculty Forum - Seed Grant:

These grants identify innovative ways to support the WFF mission by investing in the diverse work of scholars at Yale. We extend this program to support our tripartite mission of fostering gender equity throughout the University via policy initiatives and research; promoting scholarship on women and gender across the university; and promoting mentorship, collaboration, and networking. The program aims to expand research in areas of gender study and build visibility for issues and policies relating to gender in higher education.

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