Free as Air and Water

This exhibition joins five artists in an exploration of material and symbolism.  Based on Peter Cooper's belief that “Education should be Free as Air and Water,” these works engage with these elements as symbols of freedom.  The artists invite us to contemplate our relationships with our environments, during a time when we have had to reevaluate what is truly essential.  

While air and water have always been omnipresent, access to clean examples of both has become increasingly difficult.  The works in this exhibition remind us of the fluidity and buoyancy of these elements, with allusions to flight and depth, alike.  Air appears as a gentle breeze or a space in between.  Water appears in vessels, as condensation on a humid day, submerging the roots of cypress trees, or alluded to through the deep blue hues of indigo and cobalt.  The exhibition displays how air and water connect all life on this planet, how they bridge geographies, and offer inspiration for more freedom.

Curated by:
Tajh Rust

February 28 - April 11, 2021
Mattatuck Museum

Waterbury, CT

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